At Digital Land Surveys, our Feature and Level Surveys are most commonly used for design purposes. Feature and Level Surveys are topographical plans of the existing conditions of sites and their surroundings. These surveys are used to show anything that may impact or be impacted upon by future development, including buildings on site and in the surrounding area, driveways, surfaces, vegetation, and street furniture. Our plans also show the contours of the site to give an appreciation for the amount of fall and the aspect of the land. Feature and Level Surveys are critical to the design phase of a development as they provide an accurate base map for designers and architects to ensure that the proposed structure/s will not only fit within the boundaries of the property but also to meet building and planning regulations. Councils also utilise Feature and Level Surveys in making assessments on how designs might influence neighbouring dwellings.

By accurately measuring the relative positions of features on site, Digital Land Surveys can produce Feature and Level Surveys as 2D or 3D CAD files that can be incorporated with aerial photos to enhance the information on the plan. We can also integrate a 3D point cloud into the drawings. For more information on Feature and Level Surveys please call (03) 9855 2727 or email us.

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