Laser Scanning

Digital Land Surveys has recently acquired the Leica Nova MS60, a machine that combines the traditional surveying total station with new laser scanning technology. Laser scanners are the future of surveying with their rapid acquisition of data (up to 1,000,000 points per second) and highly accurate millimeter precision mapping capabilities. Laser scanning surveys provide a more complete set of data than traditional surveying as everything visible is scanned from the the multistation’s position, including the minute details of surfaces, features and structures of target areas. This translates to increased survey quality for our clients.

3D point cloud surveys have a range of applications. At Digital Land Surveys, our point clouds have be used in mapping facades of buildings and structures; accurately displaying all the beams, pipework and structural elements in the ceiling of sports stadiums; and identifying the wear, defamation and structural stressors on rollercoasters. We have also utilised 3D point clouds in the creation of detailed site context plans and as built CAD models, as well as in heritage documentation and for other reverse engineering purposes.

3D scanning of both existing and newly formed constructions gives accuracy for future design or modification works. Scanning can also aid in accurate inspection and CAD reconstruction to provide our clients with improved visualisation and facilitate exploration of options for redesign.

At Digital Land Surveys, we can provide 3D point cloud surveys to clients and architects as a 3D AutoCad file. For more information on our laser scanning service please call (03) 9855 2727 or email