Re-establishment surveys are a means of defining an area of land that is indicated on a Certificate of Title. At Digital Land Surveys, we offer, as one of our service to clients, a plan showing the relationship of the fences to the Certificate of Title dimensions. This plan enables our clients to design and build with confidence in the knowledge that they are legally building within their property boundaries. This type of survey also identifies what rights the owner has in terms of the easements and covenants that go with the Certificate of Title. When drawing up re-establishment surveys, Licensed Surveyors are responsible for creating, modifying and defining the physical, on ground, location of the Title/s. At Digital Land Surveys, we do two types of re-establishment survey, title and boundary re-establishment, with title re-establishments being the more simple of the two. For more information about anything on this page please call (03) 9855 2727 or email us.

  • Title Re-Establishment
    When you buy a property, you are purchasing the Title that corresponds to that piece of land and therefore you are also buying the rights and responsibilities that transfer with that Title. Our role as Land Surveyors is to determine where this legal boundary of the purchased property is in comparison to the fences and walls already in place. Our service includes laying out the Title dimensions in accordance with the original survey, so as to provide our client with the boundaries of the property they are legally allowed to occupy and build within, subject to the various planning requirements.
  • Boundary Re-Establishment Surveys
    It is a common occurrence for the boundaries of a property to not match their Certificate of Title, as such the landowner’s rights can also be different to those shown on the Title. Re-establishment of boundaries is used to consider what other rights the owner has in terms of their Title eg. the right to use a laneway for access, the right to use and occupy a section of land outside of their of their title where fences define the boundary. If the owner is occupying more land than the Title suggests, then at Digital Land Surveys we can help our clients with making an application to Land Use Victoria to claim or amend the Title dimensions to reflect the actual land occupied. This can lead to an Adverse Possession application pursuant to Section 60 of the Transfer of Land Act.
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