Laser Scanning

Learn more about our laser scanning and 3D point cloud surveys

Easements and Restrictions (Variation and Removal)

Covenants were one of the first planning tools that were used to restrict the new owners of land performing some act upon the land that was contrary to the wishes of the original vendor. The Covenant is a restriction that travels with the Title and is enforceable by the original beneficiaries of the covenant, for […]

Consolidation of Titles

Title Consolidation plans are fairly simple and straightforward. They aim to create more rational land ownership by combining multiple land Titles together to form one. At Digital Land Surveys, our part in the process is to draw up the plans, either based on survey or the underlying cadastral map base, and submit the plan to […]


The purpose of a subdivision is to divide a Title into two or more new Titles, corresponding to pieces of land that the owners can then build on or borrow against. The subdivision process therefore has Local and State Government components. The Local Government components are related to planning and referring to the service authorities, […]

Building Set Out

At Digital Land Surveys, we are often asked by builders to help them “set out”, or place, a potential building for them. When we set out a building, we provide the builder with control points to aid in accurate construction. As part of our service, we develop a Quality Assurance Plan to show marks placed […]

Feature & Level Surveys

At Digital Land Surveys, our Feature and Level Surveys are most commonly used for design purposes. Feature and Level Surveys are topographical plans of the existing conditions of sites and their surroundings. These surveys are used to show anything that may impact or be impacted upon by future development, including buildings on site and in […]

Re-Establishment Surveys

Re-establishment surveys are a means of defining an area of land that is indicated on a Certificate of Title. At Digital Land Surveys, we offer, as one of our service to clients, a plan showing the relationship of the fences to the Certificate of Title dimensions.